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Cosmin Mirza

"I want to promote myself more and make myself seen. I want a place where I can give away my tips, my knowledge, attract customers and educate others about what I do."

We both decided that the best way to kick start his plan was to create a visual identity that will build an online presence over time and consistency to be recognizable. A website redesign was in order as well. Not only updating the portfolio but also adding the new services.

The main focus was the website because I wanted to deliver him a space where he can be creative and free of any other social network limitations. I created an online real estate where you can visit and get to know him. Cosmin is one deeply involved with the community of game designers. Hosting events, gathering people and building a network is what he does in the free time. So we decided to build a blog inside the website where he can write the articles and thoughts in order to inform and educate about sound and music in video games. Later down the road, a new page of classes and courses is to be published and quite a few more products he's been working for the past years. His mantra is "I'm always listening."

Can be visited at

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