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Beauty of art and the power of design

Welcome to the best website on the internet to see my work, read my words and hire me. I'm Cajva, graphic designer with the soul of an artist who has an analog approach to the digital world. Best known for my hand drawn logo designs I've been working in the field for more than a decade delivering some of the most memorable and beautiful designs out there.


Are you looking to add a touch of creativity to your project?

I work with brands & organizations of all sizes, businesses, startups and solo entrepreneurs. I help them define and shape their digital presence as well as offline via logo, brand identity, websites, stationery systems, signage, posters, brochures document design, book covers and everything in between. And yes, I do graphic design for movie props.

Portrait of Cajva, freelancer graphic designer


I'm known for my logo designs because I invest the time


How do you recognize a company? Do you think of all the people who work there or do you think of a symbol, a mark? We establish relations and we associate values to these seemingly simple pieces of design. The aim here is to be recognizable and durable. What about being distinct, original? Can your logo tell a story? Yes, yes it can and it should.

Visual Identity

Mockup with logo designs by Cajva
Mockup with a poster and graphic design by cajva


The modern fabric of visual communication. One does not have to look too much to see graphic design in action. A movie poster, a billboard, the book cover on your night stand, the road signs and I can go on forever. Graphic design will offer a solution to your communication need, it will express your idea, capture the reality and focus on making it work and communicate the right message.

Graphic Design


People will search for your name or your brand name on google. What are the results? Owning your own piece of digital space can work wonders. I believe that having a website is an open gate for the opportunity to burst in.

Disclaimer: I don't do eCommerce websites at the moment.


mockup of a website created by cajva


Yes, I do hand draw every piece of design I create.

If you value handmade work as much as I do, you will be pleased to find out that I incorporated it into my process. Drawing pushes you to touch the work on a practical and emotional level and to better observe and understand nature as simple geometry. I believe you should see this stage of the process therefore I include my sketches inside the presentations in order to have a feel of the thinking behind the design.

I've learned a lot over the years and grown as a person and as a designer but in all this time I stayed consistent and small enough to focus on what I do best: creative thinking.

cajva the designer at his desk drawing logo designs


Every little thing I do, counts.


Man army


Years of experience




Love for the craft

cajva logo overlayed over a desk photo

Let's work together!


There is only one way to see if I'm the man for the job: asking. Let's connect and talk about your project, about your plans and your vision. We can talk about the why, the when and the how would design help you and/or your business become more effective, sustainable and profitable.

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