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I think, therefore . . .

Portrait of Cajva when Design Intensifies

. . . I design. And I did this for more than a decade now. But when I really think about it, it really began back in primary school with a printer and friends who needed registration papers for their scooters. That's how I really started to see difference in fonts, paper textures and document design. Got to start them young...

Later on I decided to follow a higher degree of education and pursue my love for art and design. Luck and opportunity pushed me further and now here I am, getting all excited when I see a nice curvy curl on some serif font.

The biggest struggle was to surpass my lack of self confidence and starting to put myself out there for the people to reach out to me. A lack of experience in running a business was also a drawback and while I still learn, I now know what questions to ask, how to proceed and how to get better results with my design.


In time I refined my process to generate more authentic ideas and to keep my mind engaged and focused. Now I offer more than just an aesthetic result, I offer a well tough out solution which works and looks good. Quality is what I aim for every time.

I used to think that you have to have quite a few qualities in order to do anything worthwhile. I used to think that. Now I know that once you put the elbow grease in it, you develop the qualities. Work will show you what it needs to be done and how. So if you are anything like me, I would love to hear your story and how you became the person you are today.

My name is Cajvanean Constantin Alexandru but everybody calls me Cajva.

*synth music starts playing*


Education & experience


Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design

College of Art and Design

Universitatea de Vest, Timisoara



Master's Degree in Graphic Design

College of Art and Design

Universitatea de Vest, Timisoara


Highest Degree of Online Tutorials Consumers

The Internet

To become an expert in this domain is not something that can be taught. These skills are developed and acquired in time and only with lots and lots of trial and error. I'm a bit hesitant to teach and to mentor young people who are asking for my help and guidance to follow the path of design and that's because I know that there is no formula. However, I'm doing my best to give practical advice and encourage them. Finding the joy in doing it and be prepared to invest significant time in learning is something I've personally experienced and so I pass it forward.

Learning is different from education and it is still an ongoing process, I wish to learn as much as possible about what I do, what others do and what we can do better. I have a deep desire to learn more and more not just about the world of design but everything else that makes up our existence. I'm an active reader with a soft spot for philosophy and fiction.

Portrait of Cajva resting on his tomes of knowledge


A legacy of betterment

If I would have lived one or two centuries ago I would have been one of those crafty people who painted names above the shops, who were drawing posters, forged lettering from steel and created all those beautiful decorative motifs that I'm now so fond of. I don't think we've changed that much since then, sure we have modern tools but the artistic approach is always the same.


Gathering inspiration from the past, I feel responsible to carry the craft forward. That is why the most important part of my process involves a lot of drawings. Drawing logos, posters, letters, lettering, typography, calligraphy, patterns and decorations. My desk is filled with sketchbooks. Inside those sketchbooks, history waiting to be told in the future. Someone's company' had it's first logo designed in there, some brands that might grow to change the world for the better got their creative touch in those pages. Present is nothing but future's history in the making.

I'm doing this for the long game, quietly, calmly and sustainable. Where is the grind, where is the hustle? Personally, I don't really subscribe to that kind of thinking. I believe work should be done properly with a focus on the craft and the quality. Art and design makes me feel alive and I want to keep myself alive by doing it every day. Alan Watts said it beautifully: “Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.”

I also know that I worked with people who had but one shot at making it out there. Either they didn't afford to try multiple times or financial scarcity and even a lack of trust from our loved ones can pull us down in the pursuit of doing what we believe in. I like to think that I helped these people along the way and I delivered them the best work I could in order to stimulate their success.


A sincere thanks those who had faith that I can bring good work to the table and offered me the opportunities to perform my craft.  Great teachers, great artists and designers who inspired me and great customers who were kind, generous and thoughtful. I promise to always provide you with my full commitment and the excellent service that you pay for as I'm always saving my creative powers for the right people.

image of a pattern design cajva


I don't do everything but for everything else I know a guy.

I'm proud to recommend talented people that I've come to know over the years and collaborate on creative projects with great results. From interior design, digital ads, mural painting, sound design and more, I'm confident to say that they are specialist in their field and I would love to share them with you.


What my customers say

Like I said in my contact page, I work with people not with projects. Communication skills and managing skills come into play and together with the actual work create an entire experience. My goals is to make this experience relaxed, enjoyable and effective. I'm working on this every day to make the best of it.


Cajva is alwasy available for feedback. Listens very well and isn't afraid to walk the extra mile to deliver quality work. It is always a pleasure working with him. I think every project we worked on, he delivers what we expected and more. There is always an angle that we didn't think about that surprises us in his designs. Working with Cajva is a great experience and he is a reliable design partner who thinks along with the project.

health blocks logo

Marco Assanti

Cajva is authentic and talented. His freehand skills meant one of a kind designs that frankly blew me away and his style suited our business. He was able to understand how I wanted to position my brand in my own unique way and develop something that was truly bespoke. The final result was exactly what I was after and he exceeded expectations with the secondary logo that fits perfectly our niche!

heyjoyride logo

Romina Bita

Words to live by!

attitudent logo

Cosmin Mirza

I am the kind of client who doesn't really know what he wants, but I will know it when I see it, basically, it can be difficult to work with me. I trusted Cajva to take care of everything, from logo design to website design, without interfering, and I can say he didn't disappoint. Not only did Cajva deliver on the aesthetic front, but the functionality and user experience of the website have also exceeded my expectations; everything looks and feels professional. If you're seeking someone to enhance your visual identity in the business world while you focus on your work, Cajva is the ideal person for the task.

cosmin mirza logo

Dave Bates

The craftsmanship video is what set Cajva apart. My follow-up work with him was because of the overwhelmingly positive experience I had the first time. Cajva is committed to his craft and to serving his clients well. He's responsive, patient, and takes feedback well. He's a collaborator that can help you find the best possible representation of your brand.

paravelle Logo

Jens Borghardt

Dear fellow employers, I am very much impressed by the ability of Cajva to create unique images and shapes that communicate very well as a logo. I am very pleased to have met Cajva and look forward to co-operate more in the future. Highly recommended!

apptonize logo

Jonathan Taps

Cajva understood our brand concept immediately and did an excellent job bringing our brand to life. Wonderfully easy to work with, professional and helpful.

lifeladder logo

Hossan Osakwe

Cajva was amazing,he gave me exactly what I asked for was open to my changes an the end result couldn't have been better. he was extreamly fast and highly professional, I would recommend him to any one.

Alkemy Metal Logo

Circle of


Cajva was extremely easy to work with and was diligent in making sure what was delivered was perfect for our company. The revision process was seamless, and he sent revisions quickly. Overall, we loved the final product and have requested to work on another project with him after a stellar experience!

Circle of Sisters Logo
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