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The Pando Podcast

The Pando Podcast part of The Pando Network is a podcast in Netherlands which focus on a wide variety of subjects such as tech, environment, health and so many other interesting themes.

You can listen the podcast via Spotify or follow them on Instagram

Their main website is The Pando Network which I had the opportunity to build and also work on the Branding Identity.

Visual Identity Design, Illustrations, Various Graphic Design Materials

The Pando Podcast Hero Header

Building a visual identity for a podcast that covers so many interest was a challenging project. Using an illustrated iconography with a set of vibrant colors that create good contrast Employing illustrated iconography accompanied by a vibrant color palette that ensures good contrast is the ideal approach. This not only imparts a distinctive personality to the podcast but also provides a visual representation of the diverse themes and interests being discussed.

De Pando Podcast Cover and Icons represents De Pando Podcast’s topics and interests. While they may vary at large the focus remains the same. Better world, better health, better technology, sustainability, better resource management and all that’s in between.

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